About Our Business

Jon Robinson's Solar and Plumbing, LLC is a family-owned and operated
business, serving Arizona since 1987.

The  Robinson family plumbing tradition began with my dad, Harold
Robinson, who founded
Harold Robinson Plumbing and Heating in the 1960's
in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Plumbing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.
Dad took my brother, Mark and me out on jobs and began teaching us the
business when we were young boys.  My first vehicle was a plumbing truck
dad purchased for use in the business.  It made for interesting conversation
when I picked up my date with a toilet in my truck.

In 1981 after serving in the military in Germany, I relocated to Arizona to
pursue opportunities in the solar industry.  After gaining solar experience, I
decided to go back to my roots and open my own solar and plumbing
business in Arizona.

My son, Jeremy was born the year I began my business.  Josh, son number
two was born 18 months later.  Like father, like sons, the boys have been
plumbing with me since they were 8 years old.

We added Dustun Patton to our family of plumbers in November 2010.  
Dustun started in the plumbing business with us in 2004 and went on to
gain additional plumbing experience.

We are proud to pass on the legacy of Harold Robinson to Jeremy and Josh.

Our mission is to provide personal, professional, quality service.  

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Harold Robinson, 1972
Jon Robinson's Solar and Plumbing, LLC
Jon, Jeremy and Josh Robinson